Jimmy V. (5.4.2010)

He is an artist from Milwaukee.

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  1. It was Pia Zadora's birthday and the lilacs were in glorious scented bloom and the sky was a beautiful powder "Monet" blue on the day of my visit to Julie and Johnie's studio for my post card portrait.
    The night before my dear friend the bad boy Milwaukee-based independent filmmaker Dan Ollman had just shown his controversial film,
    "The Life Over There" to a nice sized audience at Lawrence University.
    The film was filmed in Milwaukee's downtown and inner city and dealt with time less issues issues of poverty, racism and police brutality/ harassment and death with a little contemporary art/crack addiction and a art dealer in a polka dot bow tie thrown in!
    In the "meet the artist" segment following the film, one student asked the filmmaker, "Are you judging people?" To which Dan Ollman replied, "No I am not judging."
    I might be judging people but I liked the film screening way more at Lawrence University with a catered mini buffet of handmade salsa & chips along with micro brewed and bottled Spotted Cow beer and Raspberry Tart Framboise Ale. The Lawrence Film Production Club president Carolyn Armstrong and former co-president Stephen Anunson were such knowledgeable and friendly tour guides/ hosts to us.
    At my old art school at UW-Milwaukee all they I had for Dan Ollman's film premier I had to pay for! No free popcorn or nachos & beer! Viva la Anarchy UWM Cheapskates! Just like I remember it!

    I was filled with emotion minutes before my post card portrait was taken thinking of my first art show at Julie and Johnie's studio with Scott Sinclair when I was making art like crazy and the last photograph Julie and Johnie took of me when I was wasting away at one hundred and forty pounds with the final stages of aids, all spotted up like a Disney 101 Dalmatian. I was then wearing only a punky fake fur Zebra printed G- string that the poet/ painter/ photographer/ Milwaukee mayoral candidate/ performance artist Bob Watt had given me, it came from one of his models. I was thinking then that this will be my last photograph of me taken.
    I am wearing my favorite jacket a teal tweed J C Penny's Towncraft® sport jacket given to me my the late art critic/ photographer and Lawrence University graduate I may add, James Auer.
    My one of a kind, handmade and crocheted
    "The Punisher" cap made to order from #200244 from "The Big House of Fashion" Fox Lake, WI.
    ( Not to be confused with Fox Point , WI.) and my lucky red wine colored John Varvatos velvet boots.
    Much thanks and appreciation and love.
    Say cheese! JVM