Gary S. (7.12.2010)

He is an assistant director from Pasadena.


  1. Looking like I need a chiropractic adjustment from driving, I stopped at Julie & Johnnie's studio en route from Door County to Kenosha. I discovered that my iPhone had sporadic AT&T signal in these parts, so I was kind of lost, and drove around downtown Manitowoc, wondering which building was Schuette's and ogling the freaky Budweiser grain columns.

    I had a great visit with J&J. It felt like all those times in their mid-1980's Milwaukee kitchen, of drinking coffee or tea & discussing the topics of the day - like no time had passed. I hadn't been to their studio since 1990/91?, so it was awesome to take the time to visit, and marvel at their dedication and talent.

    As I drove back toward the highway, I was sad to see that the Penquin (sic) had closed.

  2. Matthew MielczarekApril 28, 2011 at 10:08 PM

    I also miss the Penguin drive-in. I bet I ate about a hundred Big Pennies.