Mike S. (5.15.2010)

He is retired and a full-time dilettante from Wauwatosa.


  1. First, the word "dilettante" has several meanings, both positive and pejorative. I, of course, will take the high road and go easy on myself. Let's just take it as meaning an amateur in the positive sense and a lover of the arts. Are we ok with that?

    Second, the presence of the Mac is neither product placement, nor is it something for the QVC network. It is a stamp indicating both time and culture (the time is located post-May of 2006). And should this collection travel to far off lands, I'm hoping its presence may occasion a small flash of recognition, and viscerally, a frisson.

  2. Nice Vintage Laptop

  3. i was greatly disappointed to see that Mike S. didn't also do his photo in the nude.