David M. (5.15.2010)

He is a writer from Madison.

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  1. After admiring Shimon & Lindemann's work for more than a decade, the opportunity to participate in this project was a thrill, the experience a delight. Considering the subject I presented them to work with, this image redoubles my respect for their work. The vintage manual typewriter belonged to my late father-in-law, Bob Buchman; the hat is my favorite, a Tilley Endurable; the T-shirt, likewise a favorite, a gift from my sister Susie. In my pockets: several notes to various members of my tribe; a guitar pick from my friend Andy Ewen, the wondrous guitarist/singer/songwriter for Honor Among Thieves; a couple things significant to particular people and a bunch of 'nother stuff that so far remains known only to me. In my head: gratitude, happiness, profound love for my wife, the entire rockin' 32-day Radio David playlist, absolute silence, everything I've ever forgotten and all the experiences and people and thoughts that have etched this face, shaped this inconsequential middle-aged fellow and led to this moment.