Dionne L. (7.2.2010)

She is an artist and art professor from Sheboygan.

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  1. An enlightened social gathering with diverse figures sharing a moment in time. Musicians, Artists, Dancers, my love. A vintage crossing of 21st century individuals each having taken paths that have swept through the downward spiral and have arrived as survivors gaining momentum to rise to the heights of the human experience of life, love, laughter. A collision of paths fleeing through the ravages of the French Revolution and the grapes of wrath to a holy love immersed in floral grace.

    O Dancer, O Violinist, I share with Thee this life experience of walking amidst the fragrance of flowers, storms, creatures of the sky and sea, refugees of the Gulf smeared in oil, observing the harshness of the tragic fledglings rising from ecological destruction and entering into a new heaven and a new earth that is pure and sacred, freed from emotions that are on a rampage and out of control.