Brooklyn L. (7.2.2010)

She is a student from Sheboygan.

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  1. Like J&J said, I'm a student from Sheboygan so I wrote a poem about...School!

    Pencils, pens, erasers too
    binders, papers, it's a zoo
    in my locker you can see:
    notebooks everywhere, folders piles high,
    markers that almost touch the sky
    a ruler on the ground, crayons on the ground
    a calculator sitting safe and sound

    This is all part of school
    and it's going to happen soon...
    soon, very soon
    tests to prepare for, papers to write
    the first year of middle school,
    don't jump back in fright
    hopefully it's fun and the teachers are cool
    in just a little bit I'll have to go to