Brian U. (5.30.11)

He is a photographer from Chicago.

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  1. This was my 2nd visit to Manitowoc to visit J&J and to photograph the Mid Cities Mall. We had been at the vacant mall all day photographing and came upon an open roof door that was home to an endless stream of Alfred Hitchcocks' The Birds. Apparently new tenants had moved into the rooftop of the former Montgomery Ward. Among the fowl (pun intended) were litters of speckled eggs of soon to be born baby seagull chicks, oblivious to the hopeful fanfare that the mall long ago represented to the community.
    I brought some students and friends with on this trip, J&J took us in refueled us with a nice glass of wine, portraits, giggles and guitar noodles.
    We then returned to see the large swarms of birds swooping and diving en masse in the night sky above the mall. Perhaps it was the wine or good company but I couldn't help but think, 'Kandinsky couldn't have done it better'.

    Ps. I'm looking much saltier than the 2009 picture. The dead mall air may be getting the best of me.