Caitlin O. (7.14.2009)

She is student in New York City.


  1. This will be my fourth year living in New York. I spent last spring living in Spain for six months. Wisconsin is where I call home no matter how temporary the word feels for me. As hard as I may try to assimilate to the East Coast, I sometimes feel a certain betrayal. As though I can fool those around but never fool myself. I am and will always be a Wisconsin girl at heart. It has taken me years to accept it but I am finally at ease with it. Wisconsin has become a place where I finally feel deep roots, when I get off the plane I feel oddly at ease and comfortable like I can stop trying or impressing. Living in New York makes you feel like you've lived 12 lives but Wisconsin feels like home. You can't reproduce it. It is something I will always treasure. That is why I can't stay away and will always come back. New York is constantly buzzing with creativity but Wisconsin allows me time to think and reflect. For this I will always come back.

  2. Ah, Caitlin, you are finally seeing the gift of being a midwesterner. You assign creativity to New York but if Wisconsin allows you time to think and reflect, what better breeding ground for creativity? Perhaps that is why the barren rock landscape of Iceland, devoid of trees, is home to the largest number of poets per capita. Time to think and reflect without distraction.